Back? To Nothing?

Well, I’ve got a mini-Lucifer now, the only problem is he’s happy and enthralled with me, not bitter and hateful like he should be…

Luc hovered, staring up at his Creator with admiring eyes. He could be patient, really he could. He was the best, brightest, and most beautiful of all the Father’s creations, but he could wait for recognition.

Then again, Lillith never specified that she wanted the REAL Lucifer…Alright, Luc, I have a very important job for you.

“Yessir? I’m listening, as always.”

“You…are to come back with me.”

“Back where, O great and powerful Creator?”

“Uh…That’s complicated, unimportant, and irrelevant at this time. But when you get there, you are to act as if you hate me, and you will be separated from me, possibly for eternity. And, you are to be lover to a woman-demon named Lillith. Think you can do it, Luc?”

“Of course, sir, I am your servant, let it be as you have said. For nothing is impossible with God. Ooh, that’s a good one, we need to get that written down.”

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