Murder Plot

Fade in: A gazebo, cloaked in star light. A tiny figure slinks in stage right. A few seconds later, a another figure approaches, stage right. A secret dialogue ensues.
In a sinister voice
“I’ve found the means to which you enquired.”
In a small, panicy voice
“Shhh. Not so loud, sir. Someone might hear you.”
“Sorry, ma’am. Like I was saying, I’ve found the poison you desire.”
“Does anyone know you have it?”
“No one that knows me and could connect me with you, ma’am.”
“Good. Now give it to me.”
A small vial is passed between the two figures. The figures kiss. Then the taller of the two hesitantly exits, stage right.
A gentle rain begins to fall. The small figure left alone pulls her cloak tighter around her. Then she speaks, facing the audience.
“So it will be done. I will take this poison and slip it in his evening libation. He will drink it and I will smile. And then I will be free.”
A sinister laugh ensues.
Dramatic music. The stage goes dark.

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