Aaron Carter's Fan Club - the um fifth one ive written...oh yea the fifth *apple botttom jeanss bootz wit du furrr*

random ramblings:::

om to tha g. i hate hate hate getting christmas gifts weel like jeez i mean i dont hate it actually its like cool but just like when someone gives me something i dont like (or even something i do like) its like i hate opening it in front of them cause its like you have to make abig deal like “OMG THANK YOU !!” and like be all smiley and stuff and like i suck at that i cant accept gifts well like at all cause if i like something im not gunna like be all OMG I LOVE IT !! ill just wear it or watever. i dont like fawn or wateevr – over gifts like i just accept them. and i think i hurt people’s feelings cause they think i dont like the gifts. but i do. (most of the time)
and its probly hard to tell if i do or not.
and this has been random ramblings with your host, LLAMA .
see you next time!

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