Waiting for a Latte...

Gina sat there in her chair, playing with the heart shaped Tiffany & Co.locket on her braclet, half-listening to Hailey giving her speech. Gawd she thought When is she gonna shut up so we can ring the friggin bell and go to lunch? Hailey is one of those New Age freaks who always feels it necessary to share her opinions with the rest of the Oakfield Academy Juniors. Why Mrs. Chestin always lets her, god knows.
“And so that pretty much sums it up.” Hailey finished – finally.
“Thank you Hailey.” Mrs. Chestin smiled and began clapping, expecting the rest of the class to clap too.
Half the class was asleep.
She rang the bell and all 134 students ran out of the auditorium and towards the cafeteria.
“Thank the lord that’s over.” Gina smiled grabbing Addie’s arm. “And we’re off to Starbucks.”

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