Nightmare at Sea

They say eternity begins and ends with the ocean’s tides.

And that is where I find myself, cabin boy on a Caribbean voyage that may well last forever. Here in this sudden squall, shielding my face from torrential rain, terribly nauseous, entrusting my very life with a band of leathery sailors.

Captain Joseph Ender is a man who never knew fear. Legend says he was born on the sea amidst a hurricane; no less than seven times over the course of his life was he believed to be dead for one reason or another. Nothing can stop this man, not wave nor rock, not war nor mutiny. Only a man as lucky—or insane—as he could command the helm of this miracle ship, the Four-Leaf Clover.

We’re taking on water fast… I’ve been charged with bail duty. Waist-deep in the galley with two buckets to purge, I run upstairs to the deck. Captain Ender is grinning maniacally as the ship heaves; I’m nearly thrown overboard.

“Take care not to fall out, boy!” he laughs.

This kind of life may be Ender’s game, but it was truly never mine.

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