Digging into the roots of the Family Tree

Rolling her eyes, huffing loudly, she folded her arms across her chest and lay back violently in the chair. “My great- grandfather summoned a,” Heather began slowly.

Interrupting by placing a finger to her lips, ” Your great- grandfather summoned a demon. Happened to be a demon loyal to the Baali.” Tony paused to clear his throat as if the mention of Baali finally caught up with him and threatened to smother the un- life from his very being.

He took a deep breath and gathered himself. Heather was still watching him suspiciously, pressing her lips together firmly like words were about to spill out as floodwater would a dam. He pulled the ottoman in front of her and sat to be on the “level” with her.

Heather could not stand to hold her tongue anymore. Impatiently, “Okay, so you are telling me, or hinting at least, that you are Ventrue. Of the same Ventrue that murdered all the children of Baal. And that grandad summoned a loyal demon. Am I missing something? If so, then what. And hurry.”

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