The Ultimate Afterlife... Or is it?

As I lay in bed one autunm night after learning of various deaths in the communities of my friends I wondered. I wondered about God. Is he real or is he not? What if he isn’t? What happens when you die, do you just not exist jus how you did as it was before you were born? Do you become reincarnated into another body? I do not think that is the way it is because I would have remembered it such as past lives of Christopher Columbus or St. Setphen.

However the case may be, you may never know. It one of those things you will live in fear of the rest of your life becuase you may never know. You could’ve been lucky and died as an infant and never grew used to life so you wouldn’t be willing to give it up. Or you could grow old, as old as 120 and wish to die. No matter the case you will never know if there is an after life until you die and its not even garanteed then. What if your sould never dies and you are still conscience in your soul? You will be laying in a grave rotting for the rest of eternity.

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