Shall we do some physics?

I am standing on the ledge of a building 50 ft above the ground. If I were to jump, how many seconds would it take until I collided into the Earth? Would it be long enough for my heart to stop? Or would the impact do that?

What would be my final velocity if my initial velocity is zero? What about my potential energy? And my kinetic energy? What about my total mechanical energy? How much work did it take to get to the 5th floor?

If my mass is 56kg, and my height is 50m, then my PE=28,000J. If I drop at a speed of 15m/s, my KE=6,300J. My ME would be 34,300J. So it took 34,300J of work to get here. How much would the Earth be moved? If at all.

Aw. Screw this. It’s why I’m up here in the first place.

I’ll just jump.

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