The Space Diaries of Earthborn Maggie

“Tongue Please.â€? Maggie could program her toothbrush to sound like whomever she wanted, and today it greeted her with the voice of Jonathan Powers, the teen idol of the millennium.
She rolled her large blue eyes and stuck out her tongue as the bristles tickled her taste buds. “Nothing like getting your teeth brushed by an interstellar pop star.â€? She mused.
“Spit Please.â€? Maggie launched the mix of paste and saliva into the sink which at the touch, washed it away. As her brush finished the tune I love your eye, (which currently charted no.1 on the Hot Galactic 1000) she gave one last stare into the mirror and sighed.
“Open.â€? The sliding door to the lavatory lifted as Maggie started towards her bedroom. Upon reaching the brightly painted pod, she felt her feet start to lift from the floor.
Rubbing her head where it made contact with the ceiling, she whined, “Dad! Amelia is playing with the anti-grav controls again!â€?
Sounds of giggles taunted her as Maggie’s six year old sister backstroked on by.

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