Why Do You Think They Call Him The Adversary?

“But, how are you going to take me with you, sir?” Luc asked. “I mean, you’re so big and magnificent, and I’m so tiny and inconsequential.” If Luc’s tone seemed a bit too obsequious, Simon failed to notice.

Simon scratched his chin. “Hmm, hadn’t thought of that…

“If I may, sir? I think that, perhaps, the only thing that is keeping me small is that I’m down here. Perhaps if you lift me up into the heavens beside you, that problem will sort itself out.”

That makes about as much sense as anything else I’ve done today,” Simon said, reaching his titanic hand into the atmosphere of Mini-Earth.

There was a tugging on his arm, then a pull, and Simon pitched forward, falling face first into Mini-Earth, shrinking as he fell.

Luc was rising as Simon fell, growing larger as Simon grew smaller, until eventually Luc filled the entire sky. Luc laughed, his voice booming like thunder across the world. “Enjoy your prison. Sir.

Simon didn’t respond. He was too busy screaming as the ground rushed up at him…

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