Fritz and Zooey: The Truth about Fritz is Revealed

“What?” Reid said looking astonished, “I thought you guys were close friends, why?”

Zooey paused for a moment trying to reassure herself that she could indeed finally tell the truth.

“He’s a trust funder,” she started, “We met in art school, although, to be perfectly honest, he’s a terrible artist. Fritz thinks that creatively piling your dirty laundry is “modern art”. The closest thing he’s ever done to art is scribbling in a colouring book with crayons. He actually turned that in for an assignment too, called it “Suburban Art”. The only reason he got into art school is because his parents have money and he thought it would be fun to do some recreational slumming.”

“Recreational slumming?” Reid said looking confused.

“Its when rich people go and do things that are ‘beneath’ their social class, like dumpster diving, living in a crummy apartment and living off of spaghetti-o’s for some kind of sick fun,” Zooey explained.

“God, no wonder you hate him,” Reid said now understandingly.

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