The Eyes Have It

Oh man, morning again? I always feel like I need two hours more sleep.

Wait. Why is it still dark? It’s never this dark when I get up. What’s going on?

I’ll just walk over to the window and see….Ow! Damn bed! Wow, it is really dark still!

Ah, there’s the window. I’ll just look….Wow, I can’t even see the sky it’s so dark. Wait, that’s not right. I live in the city. There is always light. Did we have a blackout?

No, there still seems to be cars going by. What is going on? I’ll go look in the mirror. Maybe I scratched my eye or something or was in a fight. I did drink quite a lot last night.

Ow! Damn bed! Ah there it is, the light switch. What the heck? The damn lights don’t even come on either! I just don’t get it!

Well, let me see if I can feel if I have a black eye or something.

What the….where are my eyes? What happened to my eyes??

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