Why her?

I like this guy named Kyle and he is completely gorgeous. I try not to brag, but I’m a 5 ft 6 “Hottie” as my friends say.
Kyle sits in front of me in almost every class. The back of his head is amazing.
That day.He turned around, took my hand and wrote on it. I just sat there, speechless. What was he writing? He finished and turned back around. It read “I need to see you after schoolâ€?. So I tapped on his shoulder and when he turned, I nodded in approval. I walked out of school to find Kyle waiting for me. “What’s up?” I asked hoping that he would ask me out.
“Oh, it’s nothing. I just need you to help me out with something…do you mind?”
“No problem. Anything! Homework, school work or anything else”
“No it’s not school related “I was getting butterflies at this time.
“I need you to help me ask a really pretty girl, that I’ve had a crush on, out.” Oh my god, I thought.
“I need you to help me ask out Ana”.Ana is my friend. Why her and not me?
“Yeah sure” I said hiding my pain.

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