Why Because I'm Not Dead

Some days it doesn’t seem like life’s worth living.
My active life is gone.
I’m to young for this to be happening now.
I never sat down from the time I woke up until I went to bed.
The pain seems to be to much, but I get up moving slowly through my everyday routine.
My everyday routine is mostly sitting now.
Do something and sit down and by noon I can barely walk.
Heaven forbid I lift anything over ten pounds,
are sitiing becomes laying down all the next day.
I spend most of my time in front of my computer,
got to love down loading.
I have everything updated, plus down loaded more crap than I can use in one day.
I was an artist until my eye sight got to bad to do detail,
so good thing I taught myself to type.
So I spend alot of my time here reading slowly and writing when something just hits me (a mood maybe).
Well everyday it seems like life goes on without me.
But I’ll get up tomorrow and try again to accomplish at least one thing and be happy about it.
Why because I’m not dead.

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