The Football Jocks

“Hey Jordan! What’s Geeko writin’ now?”

“Back off, Mitch.” Tyra defended him. “It’s nothing.” But Mitch grabbed Jordan’s notebook anyway.

“Whoa.” is all he could mutter. Jordan’s triumphant smile was lighting up the High School hallway.

“Yo guys!” Mitch called to some of his jock friends. “Come ‘ere, look at this!”

They all gathered round as Mitch held out the drawing. Mutters of amazement was all Jordan needed. He felt on top of the world, holding hands with his girlfriend Tyra, he almost jumped for joy.

“Look at that right there.” Mitch circled something with his finger, but the happy couple couldn’t see just what. “It takes up the entire page!”

Jordan’s smile began to fade.

“It’s a good resemblence to him!” someone in the crowd said, and they started playing frisbee with it.

“You guys! Stop it! Give it back to him!” Tyra pleaded, jumping into the circle and lunging for the notebook.

“Let’s hit the football field!” the jocks challenged Mitch. “A’ight, be out in a sec.”

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