Rehab-"O.J. goes down the wrong road"

“I already told you, i’m not going to do drugs anymore. Now, can you stop bugging me?”
O.J. yelled at his sister, chrissy.

O.J. is fresh out of rehab. He made friends with the wrong crowd in his Junior year of h.s..Everyone believed that he was sober now , except for his sister.They are twins and she feels that he is keeping a secret.
It’s O.J.’s first day back to school since his near death – over dose incident.
” Hey o.d..oops i mean o.j.” A former friend said.
Girls and guys laughed as he walked in. He walked up to the guy who said that and said “do you want an o.p…an old pounding?” He pushes the guy against the lockers and raises his fist. Right then, the pricipal broke it up and took the two guys to her office. It’s o.j.’s turn and she scolds him and scolds him but lets him off with a warning and 2 weeks detention.
He gets home, throws his books on the floor and goes up to his room.He locks the door and sits on the bed. He puts his hand in his pocket and pulls out a few pills of ecstasy .

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