Cold Comfort

Most people preferred being at the beach on bright, sunny days. The ocean would be laid out before them and drops of light would dance on the waves. They could splash about in the surf and giggle at the sand tickling their feet when the water receded.

But she was not like that. She preferred the comfort of being enveloped in a cool mist. To her, the fog that never failed to roll in mid-afternoon was like a cozy blanket covering the world and comforting it. Harsh noise was muffled and chaotic crowds dispersed quickly and left her alone on the pier – which was exactly what she wanted.

She loved to stand at the end of the pier overlooking a vast ocean that she could not see – only hear. She could believe for a little while that he was coming to meet her as he’d done when they first met. If she turned around, he’d be standing there with his goofy grin and warm eyes, ready to gather her in his arms and kiss her until she was breathless.

But he never was. Only the fog held her now.

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