Mr. Creete

I jumped back, and slipped into a closet. I closed it, but left the door slightly cracked. Everyone seemed to wake up in renewed screams. I waited, my heart booming in my chest. I waited another half an hour, sitting down. I waited until silence was completely restored, then slipped out of the closet to find Calvin.
He was standing in the shadows where no one could see.
I softly snapped my fingers and pointed towards the door.
We sprinted back to our cabins and got back in our beds just in time.
I looked at my watch.
12:00! Dammit! I have a 5 mile run to do tomorrow with Mr. Creete and some other guys!
I fell asleep, but only to wake up to the sound of Mr. Creete yelling in our room in his drill officer-like voice.
Get outta bed and down on the floor, we got no time to waste boys!
We groaned a “Yes sir.” to Mr. Creete and put on our stuff, with me wearing combat boots and an Under-Armour t-shirt with army-style camo pants.
Let’s Go!

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