Random thoughts [uselessness's DESPERATE MONOLOGUES Challenge!]

So thirsty. Wish I’d remembered my tea before agreeing to sit in on this stupid meeting.

Oh God. I’ve got so much work to do. Why won’t this tool shut up already? This is the third time he’s talked about the projections. I think we can grasp the concept dude. Let it go.

Did Scott just check out my boobs? Maybe I should lean forward a little… Yeah definitely looking. Ha! Caught you, perv. Yeah keep squirming, dillhole.

I’ve still got it.

Crap. Boss is looking this way. I’d better look like I’m taking notes. Man I can never get the wings of the TIE -fighter looking right. That is a rockin’ Death Star though. I have mad doodle skillz.

Bloody hell. I’m never going to get out of here. A thousand years from now archaeologists will discover this conference room buried under sand and find my skeleton looking wistfully at my rusty watch. They will marvel at my doodles and get rich trying to decipher them.

At least some good will come out of this meeting.

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