The Box

It was probably snowing outside as I pulled my thin blanket over my head. I was freezing and tired. I wanted to go back to sleep, but I knew it would almost be impossible.
I got up out of my bed and walked toward the window. I looked outside.
As I guessed, it was snowing white over everything and I felt like I was in Winter Wonderland. But I knew my life could never be peaceful, even when it looked or seemed like it.
I looked at the bird’s nest and felt bad for the baby birds I saw about a day ago, before it snowed.
I looked at the calm water and wished that everything could just go at the river’s pace. Slow and steady.
I looked down at the small box that my mom gave to me in her will. It was colored in black except for the lock that was gold. She didn’t give me the key, so I wouldn’t be able to open it, but it was all that was left of her.
I picked up the box and tried to ply it open with my hands. It didn’t work, but maybe it was ment to be locked forever containing the happiness that I never found.

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