There's Another

“I’m not stalling! I want to know!” Rachel demanded.

“Your telling me first!”




She always was one to give in easily.

“Okay, so we met when we were in college. He was performing at the.. oh poo, where was it.. well we met where he happened to be performing at. I was there having dinner with some friends-”

“Who?” Shade asked.

I punched him in the gut. “Shut up!”

”..and they got drunk and left without me. So I was hanging around backstage trying to get some service on my cell phone when he came back. We talked for a while, my taxi came, and I gave him my number. We started dating and then a year later to the day we met, this is what he asked me: ‘Ich traf Sie Rachel Sie waren mit dem Carol und Lee Aber hier heute frage ich Werden Sie mich heiraten?’”

“Awww!” I got warm and tingly. If only Shade were a better poet.

“Yeah.. then we had Brett and we couldn’t handle it. I’m still trying to win custody of him. He’s six, you’ll love him.”

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