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I’m walking to band with Josh, another percussionist, when he tells me he’s quitting band!!

“Josh, who’s gorgeous eyes am I suppose to look into now??!!?” I asked.

“I don’t know Nora, but not mine.” He said.

Is he really leaving?? Josh had just moved here in 7th grade, and now after one year he was quitting?? But why? We had so many good memories!!! Like when I shouted across the hallway that one day last year so everyone could hear, “Josh, you have gorgeous eyes!!!!” (They really are quite beautiful, a dark, deep green, that seems to sparkle) Or that time when I signed his year book, “Josh, you’re low, not high!!” and he signed mine with his football number so I would remember that he’s an athlete. Doesn’t he remember all the great times in band, when he would ask Mr. Chongris completely dumb questions, and the entire band would laugh?? Oh Joshie, I’m going to miss you!!

Josh walked up to Mr. Kline (our 8th grade band teacher) and handed him a note, and then, just like that… Josh left.

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