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I walked over to the percussion stuff and began to set up. Eric P. was already there setting up the xylophones, so I set up the snare and bass instead. It was funny to think that last year I had such a huge crush on him, and now I felt nothing towards him, but of course that was before Eric L. had come along. But then on second thought, liking that Eric was before Evan came along.

Next Karl came over. There’s nothing I really have against Karl, except for the fact that he is always competing with me to be first chair.

Then comes in Ed, just a few minutes before the bell. It figures, he doesn’t want to set up. Ed is a funny guy, just lives a few streets down from me, but I would probably only consider him a “band friend” and nothing else.

And then comes Desmond, as the last bell rings. I have to love Desmond though, he’s like my brother. If Desomd ever quit, I don’t know what I’d do. Then Levine looked over at me, I smiled, what did I have to be nervous about? Now that there was Evan.

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