Simply Dance Studio

A small sanctuary for people to feel comfortable. The cliche 2nd floor with a narrow staircase leading to it.
Paying $5 at the door is nothing for the night ahead.

She glances across the floor weighing her options before the song begins.

There he is. They make eye contact before he crosses the floor to reach her. He holds out his hand and the DJ starts the bachata.

They start out with a modest side step, until he spins her and she ends up pressed against his muscular body. His knee leading her, pushing against her inner thigh. Another spin and her back is pressed against him, her ass rubbing, gently against his groin. They move like this in a circle, all the spins, but returning to that position.

Finally when he spins her its so she can face him. She leans in closer as if to kiss him, but instead pulls back and the song ends.

She leaves in search of a new partner, the salsa is about to begin.

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