An Adorable Soccer Player

I was going to French now!!!! To see Evan, or shall I say Pierre?

“Alright everyone, translate the following sentences on the overhead.” Instructed Madame Kumley.

I saw Evan pick up his stuff and start walking towards the other side of the room, my side of the room.

Henry, the guy who sits in front of me, wasn’t here today, leaving a completely empty spot right by me.
And Evan sat down, right in that seat, the seat right in front of me. Now that he was closer to the overhead he began translating, and so did I.
I couldn’t believe that I was this close to him! And then he turned around. And he began to talk… to me. He talked about soccer, and asked how I thought my team was going to do this season. It felt like maybe our conversation would never have to end, it flowed so perfectly.

“Have you ever cleated somebody?” He asked me.
“No, why, have you?” I asked shyly.
He blushed and smiled.
“Maybe just once or twice.”

Wow is it possible for someone to be that adorable?

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