Who's that Rap rap rapping on my door! (V:TM or V:DA RPG Series)

Tony growled under his breath, “Now you are jumping to conclusions, when I haven’t even started into the story.” His words came out rather harsh, but she could unnerve him on a whim.

He looked down to break her firey stare. Feeling composed, he looked back to her and, more reasonably, he said, “Just give me a chance to get halfway through before you snap at me.” He gave her an apologetic smile.

She couldn’t resist that smile and her scowl melted away. She sighed heavily and shrugged, “Okay, halfway,” she made a grand gesture with both hands, “You may proceed.”

He half laughed before continuing. “Thank you, ma’am. As I said, your great grandfather summoned a demon. And not just any demon.”

Heather raised an eyebrow as if to push her point, but Tony ignored her “told you so” face, “This demon was under the employment of the Baali.” As if this made a difference to her. She simply changed brows. He found this rather hilarious.

Just as he was about to begin again, a knock pounded the door.

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