Fritz and Zooey: Murder is a Messy Ordeal

Zooey smiled, despite all the trivial issues at hand, and looked over at Reid, who was crouched by her lap looking both confused and intrigued by the situation.

“Come on,” Zooey said, pushing Reid back and sitting up from her chair. Mr. Williamson was returned to his tote bag vessel, and he peeked his tiny head out scoping out the scene with fierce concentration. Reid got to his feet and followed as Zooey blindly led them through the cafe and out onto the sidewalks.

“You weren’t serious were you? I mean about killing him…” Reid trailed off, “Because I’m sure there are guys listed in town that could do it for you. Murder is a messy ordeal.”

“Look Reid, I’m not going to go all Charlie Manson on the neighbourhood, I just want to get away from him,” Zooey said, looking up and down the street, not sure of where to go.

“Do you want to come hang out at my place?” Reid asked. There was a general sincerity in his voice.

Zooey would never go home with strangers, but this time was different.

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