Fritz and Zooey: Nervous Habits

Reid once again adjusted his worn fedora hat, a habit that Zooey had easily come to recognize, and shuffled his feet unaware of what to do now that he had Zooey in such close proximity.

She watched him nervously fidgeting, and deep inside her mind she smiled at the fact that he dressed like Elvis Costello, who she was secretly, and passionately in love with.

“Come on,” Reid said grumpily, changing his entire tone and posture with one twist of his hat. He directed her to follow, and she scurried behind him.

Once she caught up with him, he slightly turned her way as they walked. “Listen,” he said, “I’m not usually this nice to people, alright?”

Zooey nodded, not understanding his quick personality changes, but going along with it for the sheer amusement.

There was a lot that she didn’t know about him.

But she liked it.

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