Fritz and Zooey: Moving to Montana?

“Soo…” Zooey said looking cautiously over at Reid, “Are we going to talk or is this going to be all awkward now that you keep having these frequent Sybil moments?”

“I do not have multiple personalities, thank you,” he said, “Like I told you, I’m not usually this nice to people.”

“Why me then?” Zooey asked curiously.

“Because I like you. You’re funny, demented, and you actually talk to me even though I was stalking you and come off as scomething close to a psychopathic stranger,” he explained.

“I don’t think you’re psychopathic,” she said cheerily, “odd, but you made me feel better back there. And anyway, why aren’t you nice to people?”

“I don’t like people very much,” he said scowling.

“Then why don’t you move to somewhere remote, like…Montana?” Zooey offered.

“Its cold there. Like Siberian kind of cold, plus there’s a bunch of cows and psuedo-fundamentalist people in Patagonia clothes running around free there, what’s the point?”

“Um…how about the desert?”


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