150 Ficlets!!! Miss Bardot's Campy and Kitschy Cinema Challenge!

I finally reached 150, and to celebrate, we have another challenge.

Here is how the challenge goes:

I’m giving you free reign to write whatever comes to mind…with a catch.

You have to use at LEAST four quotes from the movies listed below as dialogue in your story and the quotes MUST be from ONLY the movies listed below, its okay if you’ve never seen any of them, or don’t know any quotes because you can go to IMDB .com and get a list of quotes to use. Make sure to include which movies you used as a comment under your story.

Here’s the films:

Pink Flamingos
Harold and Maude
Night of the Living Dead
A Clockwork Orange
A Boy and His Dog
Reefer Madness
Female Trouble
Lost Highway
El Topo
The Man Who Fell to Earth (david bowieee!!!)
Naked Lunch
Velvet Goldmine

I’m giving you until Dec 22, (before i go on holiday)

Good luck!

(also, i have no idea why that picture is there other than the fact that i thought it looked cool…)

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