A Practical Guide to Vampirism: Myths and Misconceptions (3-B)

Milan R. (age 27, 3 as a vampire) took this one step further. A professional photographer, Milan was both a night owl and a sun worshipper. So after his transformation, he had all of the windows in his Laguna Beach house replaced with UV filtering glass.

Milan stayed in his darkroom during construction, and afterward had that converted into his master bedroom. He no longer needed it for work, since he had switched to digital. Now Milan is able to continue enjoying sunsets over the Pacific, and has the added benefit of having a lower energy bill.

Milan also continues to take assignments for daytime shoots. When he goes on location, Milan covers up, wears a big hat, and a high SPF sunscreen. As he explains it, “When I go out like this, I’ll get a few curious looks, but most shrug it off as an L.A. artist sort of thing.â€?

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