He Either Likes Me, or He's Trying to Drive Me Crazy

Does he know that I like him?? He just pushed everyone out of the way so he could hold my hand, when it was time to bow after the performance! When we circle up in drama class to get excited for the show, he always stands next to me. Just me.
Usually he dosen’t smile, but when I walk through the door his face lights up like a Christmas Tree.
He’s always serious but when I get near him, he gets really silly.
He’s kind of quiet and dosen’t talk much, but when I’m around, it’s like he can’t shut up. I mean, I don’t mind he doesn’t babble or anything. But it’s shocking how much he talkes to me! And about everything!
And when we’re alone, he talks even more.
If he sees me across the room, he will find some reason to come over and talk to me.

He either likes me, or he’s trying to drive me crazy!!

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