An Awkward Day At Study Hall (Also an entry in SoccerIsMyLife's Challenge)

“Why were you talking to that creeper Blake?”
Asked Bridget, Maggie’s older sister.
“I don’t know, free food??” I said as I headed towards study hall.

Oh yes, great study hall, with Mrs. Paulson, the most horrid teacher possible, well I don’t know her and
Mrs. Vaughn are neck and neck.

I took out my Gossip Girl book, when I remembered that I had spilled an entire bottle of perfume on this very book. Oh my god, I could smell it as I flipped the pages, it was powerful.

“Hey Vince, do you smell that?” Said Patrick.
“It smells like something me sister wears.” Patrick persisted

“Yeah, I do smell it.” Responded Vince.

The two of them began moving around sniffing, trying to find the source of the smell. I turned my back to them, hovering over my book, trying to cover the smell. My face turned bright red.

After 5 minutes they finally gave up. I causally slipped my book away, and sat there, flushed, the rest of the period.

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