Secret admirer-the moment of truth.

“Who’s Brendan…Brendan Walters; he’s the one who owns the envelopes?â€?Susan asks.looking really confused.
“Yeah, why the sudden interest in envelopes and my locker and Brendan…Are you okay?”
“Yeah I’m okay, it’s just it couldn’t have are the Disney freak…no offense..”
“None taken!”
“But why would Brendan write me those lett.., nevermind, just tell him I need to talk to him and that I’ll be waiting for him at Dunkin donuts after school.”
“Ooo, you have a crush on Brendan!”
“Oh shut up and stop acting immature..Now I’m positive that it wasn’t you, you’re such a dork you couldn’t even come up with a Christmas card for the orphan children that we have to send letters to. What did you write something like “I’m sorry you have no parents..?but merry Christmas anyway”..”
He slams his locker and begins to walk away. Then he turns around..”Actually, I wrote “Having parents is no fun! So merry Christmas!â€?
Susan rolls her eyes and walks away.
She is at Dunkin donuts, awaiting the moment of truth.

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