Decision Time

There was no point crying over what was past any longer. I had shed to many tears for him already. I stood up, setting the rose and note down on the couch, and walked to the bathroom. I turned the water up hot. This is what I need. A nice, long, hot shower to soothe my nerves.

After my shower I had a decision to make. Either get over him or go find him. There was only 1 thing I knew for sure: I could not live without him, it hurt me to much. Was I seriously going to try to find a guy who purposely left to get away from me? I knew that answer, of course I was just crazy enough to do that. I grabbed my coat and walked out the door.

I hailed a cab and got in, telling the cab to just drive. I sat in the cab for hours, this was going to cost me, trying to think of where to go. Emma! Emma would deffinatly know where Will went! Why didn’t I think of her earlier? But I knew the answer to that to. We hadn’t talked scince the first time he had asked me out. Maybe she’s forgiven me? Only time will tell.

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