Middle of a Story, part two. [phosphate's challenge]

Music fades out. For a second everything is silent and frozen. Then everything begins to move, and loud city noises are heard. Camera moves down to a street, then begins going down it quickly, as if on the road but over everything. Camera takes a few turns on the street, is going somewhere.

NARRATOR : And so we come, today, on a story.

Camera reaches apartment building, travels up building and into window. A WOMAN is sleeping on a bed in there, Camera is now in a bed room. Bedroom has small bed in corner by window, white walls, a closet and bathroom connected, a few other pieces of furniture. WOMAN is thin, average height, has dark brown hair, generally pretty. In mid-twenties. As WOMAN sleeps, CAT walks into bedroom, pushing door open. CAT is black and white. Jumps up onto WOMAN ’s bed. WOMAN stirrs and opens her eyes. Sunlight is now in window. WOMAN sits up and pets CAT .

WOMAN : sleepily Good morning, Francie.

WOMAN glances at alarm clock.

WOMAN : urgently Oh shit! I’m late for work.

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