Apple Core pt. 1

The guy ate a banana and then he ate an apple. He dropped the core. The girl found the core.
what kind of loser would drop an apple core? I’m gonna find him!
So the girl searched for the guy-who-dropped-the-apple-core. But who was this guy? So she walked around the park for a little bit more until she saw a really hot guy. She stared at him for a while. The she realized it. THE REALLY HOT GUY WAS EATING AN APPLE !! And the the really hot guy dropped the apple core on the ground. The girl knew it was now or never to ask the guy if he dropped the apple before. She took a deep breath.
Its not like I’m ever gonna see him again she thought to herself.
“Umm did you drop an apple core over there?” She said pointing to the tree where she found the the core.
“Uhh yea why?” Said the hot guy.
“Cause its not good for the animals.” The girl said realizing she sounded like an idiot.
“Oh sorry. I respect that you dig that kind of stuff. You know what? I make it up to you. Wanna go to the movies tonight?”

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