Carla's Crazy Day

Carla was on her way to the first day of 6th grade. Oh was she excited. “Ugh!! Where’s my make-up!!” Carla yelled at the bathroom mirror as she ruffled through the mirror cabnet. first day of school and no eye liner!! Okay, gotta re-trace my steps. DING DONG .” hmmm who could be at the door so early?? Sadly,Carla was home alone and wasn’t suppposed to open the door when she was so. CREAK ... AHHH !!! All of a sudden a big man with an ax in one hand and a gun in his black coat pocket popped out from behind the door and slaughtered her!!!! Actually, no, that’s not what really happened. Carla was just on her daily routine of unrealistic day dreams. No one was at the door. It must have been her ex-boyfriend Jack, he was always playing pranks on her ever since the girl he left Carla for broke up with him, her name was Hescence. It always seemed like Hescence and Carla were in a competition to win Jack back. Jack didn’t want Escence though. He wanted “suprisingly” Carla.

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