Why Nobody Likes Elevators Anymore

I wanted to yell out in frustration as the elevator crept up to the second floor. It took it’s dear old time, and at the second floor the doors opened and a woman stepped inside, pressing the floor one button.

And down we went.

“What!” I accidently screamed out loud. She looked at me, startled, as the doors opened and I was yet again on the first floor. Somebody else was coming, but I closed the door on them, I didn’t want to delay my visit any longer.

Minutes felt like hours as I slowly passed the second floor. Alright. I sighed. Almost there. You will survive. But Chad might not.. shut up, brain.

The elevator was about to stop. It was slowing down.. but why were the lights flickering?

It came to a complete stop and I was waiting for the doors to open. The lights went off completely, I was horrified. Feeling around, I pressed the ‘Open Doors’ button repeatedly, but to no avail.

“Ladies and Gentlemen we’re having some technical difficulties, you can exit momentarily.”

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