How can you define the word perfect? Webster’s definition: complete in all respects;without defect or omission;faultless;most excellent. How about in people? How does life define perfect?

Is perfection the girl who starves herself to be skinny,dyes her hair blonde? Is it the girl who cuts herself to find release,and yet stitches on a smile the very next day? Is it the well rounded jock who scores touchdowns and then beats his girlfriend when backs are turned?

Is it the smart kid who knows the answer to every question asked,but sells answers to the dumber kids for a little spare change? What about the kids with cracked hearts and stapled on masks of happiness,are they perfection? If that is perfection, then I should be perfect. Shouldn’t I?

I took the blows like a good girl,and refused food when my body screamed for it. I stapled on my mask and stitched my lips into a smile. I studied and knew all the answers.

I’m breaking,falling apart at the seams where tears and blood loosen threads. Imperfect

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