Bad Time to Ask

If ignorance is bliss, is bliss necessarily ignorance?

It was a reasonable question, but asked at an unreasonable time. Well, not reasonable from my perspective, but certainly from that of the one asking it.

Explain. In your answer be sure to explain your interpretation of the question.

Ridiculous, maybe. I had thought the question was the lead-in to a standard sort of essay question, not a dilemma for us to solve on twelve sheets of 6”x6” wide-ruled recycled paper in fifty minutes.

I glanced to the window and bit my lip. I needed to get out of there. Quickly.

Truth, beauty? Is there no truth in beauty, no beauty in truth? It might have been a related question, but I didn’t have time to ponder the subtleties. I needed BS.

Outside a flock of pigeons took flight, casting a flickering shadow across the room. The professor coughed. Danger lurked beyond the walls and I was the only one who could see it.

The question, as phrased, misconstrues the relationship implied by “Ignorance is bliss”, I wrote.

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