Nimix slapped some weird looking handcuffs onto Barb’s wrists. She was caught off guard as the insidious device slowed her thinking. Stunned, she lost conciousness.

She awoke atop a cold metal table, flood lamps shone down on her like some bad dream. She groaned and tried to flex her arms, only to find that they were tied down with hard leather straps. She heard a pneumatic hiss and then footsteps approached her table. She groggily turned her head and was surprised to see Nimix.
“Where…Where am I?”Barb managed to stutter out.
“Your are in Xenos holding room 21786, onboard the Emperor’s Hand“Nimix coldly replied,”Your…partner… has been taken into custody and you are about to undergo cautionary purging to expel the tyranid oraganisms in your body.”
Barb flinched instinctively as he put a plastic mask over her mouth.
“I’ll try to make this painless.”She heard Nimix’s voice as from far away, and then the world melted away like snow on a warm spring day.

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