(I'm in the mode for love CHALLENGE) Hot Robod

“Put thirty dollars of premium in my car and ten dollars of regular in my wife, please.” Jim said, chipper enough to be taken sarcastically. The gas station attendant was confused but managed to clump up one of his cheeks with a smirk.
Jim cocked a thumb at his robotic wife, “Just pump it down her throat pipe.” He said, “Open wide, baby.”
The attendant watched the synthetically fleshed woman unscrew the red lights behind her lips and replace them with dark purple bulbs. Soft clinks sounded in her neck as she turned her head. The ball bearings behind her eyes made them roll in a concise clockwise spin.
“Don’t listen to moldy meat head here, I run on electricity.” her articulation was I can’t believe its not human quality but the spaces between her words were tell tale robot.
“Yes… ma’am?” The attendant felt awkward for questioning the robots female status.
“Call me whatever you want, sweet cakes” she pulled a lever on her index finger and her left eye winked.

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