En Garde!

“Fight like a man, ye bastard son of an orc!” Grimlorn Silverbeard stomped his feet and readied his magic axe.

The demon before him stopped, lowering it’s hell-forged sword. “I beg your pardon?”

Grimlorn stopped stomping and lowered his axe. “Huh?”

“Now, really, must we trade insults like we’re children?” The demon folded his arms across his massive chest.

“Well, I…” Grimlorn looked confused. “I mean… Uh…”

“Look, calling me a bastard, well, I guess that does kind of fit. But, come now. ‘Son of an orc’? That hurts me deeply.”

“It… Huh?!” Grimlorn was totally bewildered now.

“And that ‘fight like a man’ line. Really! You’re not a man, yourself. You’re a dwarf! There’s no men here!”

“Well, I mean… It just what we were taught in warrior classes.”

“Okay, look, we got off to a bad start. What say we try again… Ah… Next week at noon?”

“Uh… Okay…”

“Oh, and one last thing.” The massive sword split Grimlorn’s head in two. “Never let your guard down around a demon.”

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