I want you to run like the wind with me. Be the camera’s lens that catch me when I smile. I hate it when you take the random pictures when we speak; it is a sense of uncomfortable-ness. And when you play your acoustic heart out you make me want to remember. Your eyes frolic with thoughts and disaster if I dare to look into them, you are so beautiful and scenery like this makes the memory of your million words flow back into my mind! You want to learn how to play my favorite songs so that I can sing them right back at you. You are the brightest of all roads and this I swear it. I love it when you drive me for prolonged minutes. The world does not matter in our dream of all times. This is what love means, love made me happen because it just, happened. Love is rage and love is honor. Wind, tie us up; time, hold on for many years. Let me borrow your dream, and put me to sleep. Let’s become eternal. I am the streak in your ray. And you will always be the vine that grows my leaf.

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