first kiss (Soccerismylifes challenge)

Tonight was the night- to lose my lip virginity. I was in the movie theater with Jake. And Paula and Timmy and Grace and Matt. But still. Me and Jake were gonna kiss. My FIRST kiss. Me and Paula planned it out. We were gonna leave before anyone else realized. Then we were gonna do it behind the theater, next to the little sweet gazebo. Of course, Jake didn’t know of the plan. Everything went according to the plan, right done to the millisecond. Jake planted his lips straight on mine and I was rushed into a world of love. I mean seroiusly, this guy was amazing and kissing me like he was a pro. But then a really pretty girl with long blonde hair came out fro the darkness.
“Jake what are you doing? You were supposed to meet me in the front of the movie theater no the back…WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING YOU FILTHY LITTLE PLAYER ?”
The three of us looked at each other. The blonde girl pratically blowing smoke out of her ears, Jake looking awful, his secret was revealed, and I was shocked. Can you say awkward much?

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