The New Queen

It was already obvious the changes made by Bella’s reign.

She practically strutted down the halls with David. Andrea was nowhere to be found for a week, as if losing the throne needed a week to recover from. And of course the wanna-bees switched loyalty to Bella. I remained in my spot, never to be A-list or a wanna-be.

Then, a week later, Andrea returned; it was utter chaos. There were pranks going back and forth from both sides, of course neither Andrea nor Bella were involved. They could get their wanna-bees to do it all for them.

New requirements were made; instead of blues, it was pinks. Not French, but Italian; the lists were endless. And, of course, poor David stuck in the middle of it all. It was obvious he regretted his move, but what to do? It was already done.

But, now there’s a new boy, Michael. He was tall, and appealing to Andrea, which meant he was appealing to Bella as well. Homecoming is soon, sparks will fly. Who will Michael ask? Will Bella reject David?

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