Friday Night Lights Part 2

I arrived at the football game with Lindsay. Linz has been my “bestie” for quite some time now, so it isn’t that unusual for us to hang out. Linz was the one that planned the surprise birthday party for Val. And that’s the party, when Linz, Val, Rachel, and I decided to start the burn notebook. Val is our other bestie, and we are all pretty tight. And Rachel, though I haven’t actually been friends with her for that long, I have known since kindergarten.

It’s funny, cause I thought I would begin to describe Lindsay to you, but how can I??

Let’s see Linz is the kind of person who makes things happen, if she thinks that it will give her amusement.
And it usually does.

Like that one time when she told Eric P. back in 7th grade, to wear more jeans, because “chicks don’t dig it when guys wear sweat pants.” Or the time she told Brian, the biggest stud in school that I was stalking him. Or when she told Josh I was in love with him.

Yes Linz is quite a character.

And now, to the game…

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