It has begun

The bright red eyes shone like rubies in the secluded dark of the couple’s closet. The beast quietly unfurled itself, cautiously peering out of is hiding place. Many figures slowly scoured the room, arcane objects ticking as they swept over the living space. It saw its chance and swept out of the closet in a furious wave of teeth and claws.
The figures never had a chance.
Gore sprayed the wall and screams echoed in the house as the soldiers were torn apart.
The creature scrabbled outside, 4 arms struggling to find purchase on the blood soaked ground. Driven by some unknown signal, it hurried out of the house and into the street. A car swerved erratically and crashed into a house, brickwork and metal flying. The creature looked at the sky, which was an ominous shade of black. Spores crashed down to earth and already more nighmarish creatures crawled from their remains. The creature felt an intense sense of satisfaction as it watched its brothers crawl from their tombs.
It had begun.

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