Searching for a Way Out

“Look. We’re getting closer to the light. Its not much further now. It looks like its just ahead.” Whispered Alexia.
“Yeah. Just a little further. I’ve been telling myself that for an hour now.” Replied Abbie sourly.
“I know we’ve been walking for a while now, but don’t you want to get out of here?” Alexia said a little agitated with Abbie’s attitude.
“Yes. That’s why I’ve kept on going this whole time.” Abbie answered.
Alexia didn’t say anything back because she didn’t feel like fighting with Abbie right then. All she wanted was to get out of the cave. They took five steps around a corner and there they were, standing under the light. But it wasn’t a way out. All they found was a big opening in the cave with a hole in the top of it and then more tunnels. The girls sat down with an exasperated look on their faces. They felt like giving up. All they wanted was to go home.

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